Revering Mayor Jaden Smith Over His Animated Journey Through Neo Yokio.

Neo Yokio's most eligible bachelor. 

Oh, Neo Yokio . . . a city celebrated for it's inherent lux and beauty rather than years of intrinsic materialistic dependency; a city that strives to be better than itself with no limits; a city where traveling via underwater bubble and having a British robot (Jude Law/Alexa Chung) as your companion don't garner a second glance. Creators Nick Weidenfeld and Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig successfully channel Neo Yokio's familiar East Side-West Side camaraderie in fair power swing. Neo Yokio is home to Kaz Kaan, an enlightened member of the controversial magicstocracy class that is both oppressed and revered for their demon-fighting powers, and is also the city's most eligible bachelor. Despite his millennial crisis angst, Kaz embraces his family's traditional profession of demon-slaying via his Aunt Agatha (Susan Sarandon), as means of monetary gains as well as social exposure. The core plot begins with Kaan's highly respected Fashion Blogger friend Helena St. Tessero easily possesed by a Limited Edition Chanel 'tweed' suit that changes Tessero's opinion and outlook on the true impact of materialistic behavior. This confuses Kaz, driving him to reassess his behavior and appreciation for simplistic life. Navigating through the city's treacherous guilds of fashion and culture with his best friends Gottlieb & Lexy (Desus Nice & The Kid Mero), Kaz Kaan finds himself reveling in the rivalry with trailing eligible bachelor, Arcangelo Corelli (Jason Schwartzman) all while finding the true meaning to life itself.

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The 7-episode series comes to us from the unique mind of Jaden Smith, who is notorious for his calculated outside-of-the box antics (think: attending KimYe's wedding in a bat suit). Kaz fully embodies Smith's own obsession for style and emotion. Neo Yokio doesn't stray far from the fashion path either, constantly quipping Lagerfeld quotes, referencing real-life brands and regularly showcasing pastels as a neutral palette. Drawing inspiration from their own lives and personalities respectively, the dynamic duo of Koenig and Smith delivers an unprecedented portrayal of a millennials attempt to navigate family, societal and social pressures. Alas, we celebrate Neo Yokio as an anime-style glance into what we hope the future can become.  Jaden Smith has yet again proven to be clarity driven through his favorite outlets of content and creativity, which is very Toblerone worthy. Season 1 is concluded with hopes of Season 2 array. 

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