Doppler Radar: Dounia


  a beautiful gem crossing my paths on social media from Twitter to Instagram, releases her debut harmony 'East Coast Hiding', and I'm asking myself, is this love reincarnated? The 19 year old songstress coming to us from Queens with Moroccan blood flowing is giving me vibes. She channels an alternative style RnB that is rarely well executed, (courageously successful by the same likes of Abra, The Weeknd, etc.) that puts your mind at ease and makes for great flowery conversation of that or none at all. You can tell she's blooming at an alarming rate that puts her straight on our radar. Dounia's style is sexy and mature - RnB is important to the progression of eccentric music releases.

I was vividly inspired by the latest DAZED update on Dounia, talking with Kat Spencer about her outlet and equal appreciation for music. She's open about her movement via social media, the femme-prowess she withholds and what impact she's already made on the people around her.

We can't wait to hear more of you, (by we I mean me and the rest of the world.) Peep Dounia's debut on Soundcloud.

Blake Matthews