New Album: Quentin Miller - "Gunmetal Grey"

Quentin Miller

 is the epitome of underdog stories. The man with a plan overshadowed or better yet described, underrated and overzealous in his talent-less, opinionated environment. A shadow for better words, only briefly known as someone who sat in on Drake's countless hours spent creating 2015's 'IYRTITL' and throwing his 'I would do this, this way' commentary creating one of the best surprise drops known to our generation. Quentin, an ATL-ien of his own stature, begins his tirade with his debut drop of Hey, Thanks A lot 2 in the winter of 2014. This is quite some time before we get to know Q on a personal level (hope I can call you Q) and just realizing the calm before the storm.

A year later, Hey, Thanks A lot 3 surfaces and we lose our shit. 'Who is Quentin Miller and why is he associated with Drake on these levels? Where is the QM and Drake collab?' Questions that needed answers until Quentin beings having a presence of his own in the rap game. This build is strict and necessary for the fateful release of 'Gunmetal Grey', Quentin's 9 track debut stream this past December. Following the heat of all rumors concerning him and his writing abilities AND an event so tragic, we'd only understand through the power of music, Q.M shares #GMG. A transition/epiphany sharing cold metallic lines that are cemented in your head for future reference. Gunmetal Grey is Kanye West's 'Through The Wire' in album form. We are exposed to Quentin's personal, non-con formative resilience towards the rap game and what he's lacking from appreciators. He starts with Grey Leather, a Drake-fan's worst nightmare (seemingly sounding like Q's rendition of Tuscan Leather, whether you like it or not) to step in. Similar to the smell of leather; not too brashbut bold and charismatic. Channeling Atlanta super-producer and in-house trustee Nick Miles for Expression 3, we know this isn't a joke. We don't know you, Quentin, but we're listening.

This is my favorite moment before 2016 ended. Quentin has a soft presence about him, but his music does not reflect this-thankfully. To know the history behind 'the stories, the rumors', to hear the music thereafter is a true experience. 'Look What I Did' is my personal ode to 2016 thus far, it was a year of realizing things *Kylie Jenner voice*. As the album draws- it gets a tad bit more personal. 'Bad Intention' turns the tables and is a fine transition into 'Gun Metal Bapes'. Earlier this year, Quentin experienced an amputation after a car accident that he shines hard on this track. It's personal, vulnerable and cold as metal. It doesn't get more focused than this and I respect it.

Once again, Quentin Miller is not here for your re-assurance or admiration, really. He's here for the respect. There are some cats in the world that work hard for their talent because it's what fuels them to be a better person for their family, their friends. Gunmetal Grey is a fantastic project that shows a breakout point post-tragedy. Instead of fading into darkness or letting the experience get the better, Quentin fuels rumors we knew existed, and quietly puts negative ones to shame. *Quentin, keep doing this shit! It's obvious you move the masses with your talent so continue to do you whether you fuck with my opinion or not. I still play this and ever since, I knew something or someone, was important. Stay up.* Stream and support the movement.


We also hosted 'Shredded Metal', the raw loosies from the Gunmetal Grey creative stages. Peep the drop below and read what we had to say about it.