New Visual: Father - "Heartthrob"

Our favorite progenitor Father spills the supple visuals for his summer release “Heartthrob” and it’s nothing short of the Atlanta-bred style and grace. Ramez Silyan partners with the Awful Records’ general to create a colorful, innocent and heavily subtle aesthetic around the single’s child’s-play like sound. Successfully placing HEARTTHROB merch-line spots and the beautiful Avalon Lurks contours well and shows Father isn’t *always* dripping with fantasized drug lust. (Well shit, maybe he is and not like that’s a bad thing.) I remember meeting Father back in May and hearing him on his stance with the drug scene domestically and internationally. “It’s what you make of it,” he begins as he jaunts into the greenroom. “Its overrated but sometimes you like to be apart of the crowd experience when the music is involved. I’m coo’ tho. I’m tapped out,” followed by laughter. Genuine words, genuine art. I’ve watched this video about 10 times already. Don’t @ me.

Blake Matthews